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Version: 0.66

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There’s always more to learn: developer workflows, shipping to app stores, internationalization, security and more.

Where to go from here

Dive deep


We recommend using the VS Code code editor and its handy React Native tools.

Platforms to try

Expo is a framework of tools and services for React Native that focuses on letting you build React Native apps without ever touching Xcode or Android Studio. If you have a web development background, this might appeal to you.

Ignite is a starter kit CLI with several React Native boilerplates. The latest, Ignite Bowser, uses MobX-State-Tree for state management, React Navigation, and other common libraries. It has generators for components, models, and more, and supports Expo out of the box. If you are looking for a preconfigured tech stack, Ignite could be perfect for you.

Example Apps

Try out apps from the Showcase to see what React Native is capable of! Looking for something more hands on? Check out this set of example apps on GitHub. You can look at their source code—try running one on a simulator or device.

Find, make, and share your own Native Components and Modules

React Native has a community of thousands of developers like you making content, tools, tutorials—and Native Components!

Can’t find what you’re looking for in the Core Components? Visit React Native Directory to find what the community has been creating.

Interested in making your own Native Component or Module? Making modules for your own use case and sharing them with others on NPM and GitHub helps grow the React Native ecosystem and community! Read the guides to making your own Native Modules (Android, iOS) and Native Components (Android, iOS).