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How to Update Upgrade Helper

From the readme of its dedicated repo:


The Upgrade Helper tool aims to provide the full set of changes happening between any two versions, based on the previous work done in the rn-diff-purge project:

This repository exposes an untouched React Native app generated with the CLI react-native init RnDiffApp. Each new React Native release causes a new project to be created, removing the old one, and getting a diff between them. This way, the diff is always clean, always in sync with the changes of the init template.

The upgrade helper webapp relies on rn-diff-purge having the diff for the versions of RN released.

Instructions to update​

For release versions >= 0.68​

For release versions < 0.68​


You need to have write access or be a Code Owner for the rn-diff-purge repo to do either of these approaches.

Trigger GitHub action via CURL​

# Update the "version" with your version and provide your PAT
curl -X POST -H "Accept: application/vnd.github.v3+json" \ \
-d '{"event_type":"publish", "client_payload": {"version": "0.67.0"}}' \
-H "authorization: Bearer <PAT>"

Manual instructions​

To generate the diff for a new version, there are essentially only 3 steps needed:

  • git clone the rn-diff-purge repo.
  • cd into it, and yarn install.
  • Run the script ./ <version_tag>.
    • For example: ./ 0.66.0-rc.1.