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Release Stable Patch


  • You have some pick requests that qualify for a patch release and people have agreed it’s good to release a patch.

1. Check out the latest version from release branch​

# Be on relevant release branch
# update the stable branch with tags
git pull origin <release-branch> --tags

# cherry pick relevant commits
git cherry-pick <commit>

# once done picking, push changes to the remote
git push

2. Test the current changes​

Before continuing further, follow the testing guide to ensure the release doesn't have any major issues.

3. Run bump-oss-version script​

# run a script to bump the version
# You most likely **don't** want this release marked as "latest"
./scripts/bump-oss-version.js --version x.y.z-rc.x --token circle-ci-token

4. Verify Upgrade helper is updated​

5. Create a new patch discussion post using template below​

<!-- Template for new patch -->

# Should we release 0.67.1?

Current Release: [0.67.0](

Conversations on this thread are limited:

- [major release issues](
- [qualified cherry-pick requests]( of commits on main that [did not make the previous patch version](

Please include a link to the specific commit on main to be cherry-picked, for example: [facebook/[email protected]](

In other words, if you cannot point to a particular commit on main, then your request likely belongs as a new issue.
If the issue is a [major release issues](, please reference the issue here.


#### List of qualified picks

<!-- Keep these in chronological order in time of commit -->


#### Local commits to backport to main


6. Update previous discussion post​

  • Label it Released.
  • Update the title saying the patch has been released and link to new patch discussion.
  • Lock the discussion.

7. Create GitHub Release​

Use template below for the GitHub Release:

<!-- Template for a stable patch -->

<!-- You can run `npx @rnx-kit/rn-changelog-generator --base v0.66.0 --compare v0.66.1 --repo path-to-repository/react-native --changelog path-to-repository/react-native/` to generate the markdown for the cherry-picked changes. Make sure to use the right tags in the command and create a new PR with the changes generated by the changelog generator. You can read more about the changelog generator [here]( -->

- TODO Enumerate picks.


You can participate in the conversation on the status of this release in this [discussion](TODO: your discussion link)


To help you upgrade to this version, you can use the [upgrade helper]( βš›οΈ


You can find the whole changelog history in the [ file](