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Release Stable Minor


  • Have the blog post ready to submit as a PR for react-native-website repository.
  • Changelog PR should be ready to merge.
  • Previous RC has been thoroughly tested and no important issues have been reported. When releasing stable minor, you should not include any new cherry-picks.

1. Publish the release​

# In your react-native checkout, on the release branch of the version
> What version are you releasing?
# Your version
> Do you want this to be latest?
# Generally yes. This updates npm registry to point to this version as "latest"

2. Update the GitHub releases​

<!-- Template for GitHub stable release -->

0.66 stable is out!

This release includes **621 commits** with **92 contributors**! Thank you to all our contributors new and old! You can find the [full changelog here](

- See the highlights of the release in our [release blog post](
- You can participate in the conversation on the status of this release at [this issue](
- You can upgrade to this version using the [upgrade helper webtool]( βš›οΈ

3. Create a new patch post for your new version​

## Should we release 0.67.1?

Current Release: 0.67.0

Conversations on this thread are limited:

- [major release issues](
- [qualified cherry-pick requests]( of commits on main that [did not make the previous patch version](

Please include a link to the specific commit on main to be cherry-picked, for example: [facebook/[email protected]](

In other words, if you cannot point to a particular commit on main, then your request likely belongs as a new issue.
If the issue is a [major release issues](, please reference the issue here.


#### List of qualified picks


#### Local commits to backport to main


4. Close any outstanding patch posts for previous versions​

  • Any patch posts for the previous stable are irrelevant now.

5. Communicate the new release​

  • Ship the react-native-website changes if not done already.
  • Ship the blog post, tweet about blog post.