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Labeling GitHub Issues

Most of our labels have a prefix that provides a hint of their purpose.

You'll notice right away there's two label prefixes that dominate the list, API:, and Component:.

These generally denote issues and pull requests related to an API or Component in the core React Native library. It helps us understand, at a glance, which components are in dire need of documentation or support.

These labels are added automatically by one of our bots, but feel free to adjust them if the bot mis-attributes an issue.

  • The p: class of labels denote a company with whom with maintain some sort of relationship. These include Microsoft and Expo, for example. These are also added automatically by our tooling, based on the issue author.
  • The DX: class of labels denote areas that deal with the developer experience. Use these for issues that negatively impact people who use React Native.
  • The Tool: class of labels denote tooling. CocoaPods, Buck...
  • The Resolution: labels help us communicate the status of an issue. Does it need more information? What needs to be done before it can move forward?
  • The Type: labels are added by a bot, based on the changelog field in a pull request. They may also refer to types of issues that are not bug reports.
  • The Platform: labels help us identify which development platform or target OS is affected by the issue.

When unsure of the meaning of a particular label, go to and look at the description field. We'll do our best to properly document these.

Label Actions

Applying one of the following labels may result in a bot interaction. The goal of these is to ease aid in issue triage by providing a canned response when deemed necessary.

  • Labels that instruct the bot to leave a comment with next steps:

    • Needs: Issue Template
    • Needs: Environment Info
    • Needs: Verify on Latest Version
    • Needs: Repro
  • Labels that instruct the bot to close the issue after leaving an explanatory comment:

    • Resolution: For Stack Overflow
    • Type: Question
    • Type: Docs
  • Labels that flat out close an issue with no comment:

    • Type: Invalid