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How to File an Issue

GitHub issues are our main channel for handling bug reports that affect open source consumers.

Proposals and discussions about the architecture of React Native are held on the Discussions and Proposals repository.

To increase your chances of resolving your issue quickly, please consider including the following in your issue:

  • The version of React Native that you're using. Run react-native info in a console and copy the results into your issue.
  • The steps to reproduce the issue. What steps can a person who reads your bug report perform to get the same results? How do these results differ from your expectations?
  • A code example. Expo's Snack tool can be used to provide a reproducible example.

Code-level help

If you're looking for help with your app, please refer to the ample list of community resources. Many members of the community use Stack Overflow to ask questions using the react-native tag.

Existing issues

If the issue you're encountering is already being tracked, you can still help by providing additional information.

  • Let us know how you're affected. If you can add more details, please leave a comment. Otherwise, adding a reaction to the original issue is a quick way to communicate this is a recurring issue.
  • Provide a workaround. This can help unblock others until a fix is identified.
  • Send a pull request. If you think you can help with a fix, we'd be happy to see a PR!