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Where to get help

If you need help with your React Native app, the right place to go depends on the type of help that you need.


The core of React Native is worked on full-time by Meta's React Native team. But there are far more people in the community who make key contributions and fix things. If the issue you are facing is code related, you should check the open issues in the main repository.

If you cannot find an existing issue, please refer to How to file an issue.

Upgrade support​

Many times, when upgrading your apps and libraries from a version of React Native to a newer one, you might need some help; the community has rallied together to create a couple of important resources:

  • upgrade-helper is a tool that will show the full set of changes happening between any two versions to help you see what changes you need to do in your code.
  • upgrade support is a community-driven repository to request and give help when upgrading your app.

Stack Overflow​

Many members of the community use Stack Overflow to ask questions. Read through the existing questions tagged with react-native or ask your own!

Reactiflux Chat​

If you need an answer right away, check out the Reactiflux Discord community. There are usually a number of React Native experts there who can help out or point you to somewhere you might want to look.