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Staying up to date


Twitter is one of the main communication channels used by the team to communicate updates, news and request for participation: follow the React Native account to stay up to date - the ReactJS account covers both React and React Native.

For long form news and announcements, keep an eye on the blog to find out what is happening in the world of React Native.

Discussions and efforts​

React Native is a dynamic framework and there is always room for improvement. As an open source framework, large-scale coordination and discussion should remain publicly accessible. Here are some dedicated discussion groups you can participate in:

Expect important conversations to always be public; depending on the topic, you can find them in one of these places:

Packages & Integrations​

In the React Native Directory you will be able to see many libraries that are compatible with React Native. It is a community-driven effort to help developers browse and evaluate packages, plugins, state management libraries, and more.


Over the years, many conferences organized by companies and partners have been organized around the world - it would be impossible to track them all here; moreover, often there is React Native content in React events as well.

Listed here are but a few of the main React Native related conferences, with links to past editions' recordings:

ReactConf, organized by Meta​

ChainReact, organized by InfiniteRed​

AppJS, organized by Software Mansion​

React Native Europe, organized by Callstack​