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Release Patch Candidate


  • You have some pick requests that qualify for a patch release and people have agreed it’s good to release a patch.

1. Check out the latest version from release branch​

# Be on relevant release branch
# update the stable branch with tags
git pull origin <release-branch> --tags

# cherry pick relevant commits
git cherry-pick <commit>

# once done picking, push changes to the remote
git push

2. Test the current changes​

Before continuing further, follow the testing guide to ensure the release doesn't have any major issues.

3. Run bump-oss-version script​

# run a script to bump the version
# You most likely **don't** want this release marked as "latest"
./scripts/bump-oss-version.js --version x.y.z-rc.x --token circle-ci-token

4. Similar to cutting new branch, watch CircleCI to ensure right jobs are being triggered​

5. Update the relevant discussion post with the latest RC​